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Vegan Recipes Ideas For New Moms

2 – Escarole & Beans

This combination of escarole and beans is so damn good and you could eat it sparingly throughout the week. Let me share this delicious vegan meal recipe here.

  • Clean the heads of escaroles
  • Add olive oil to the pan – put on medium heat – add crushed garlic
  • Cut the escarole using your hands over the pan
  • Overflow the pan with wet escarole leaves
  • Escaroles will shrink down with the heat
  • Add the measured beans on the top
  • Add salt, red chili flakes, and pepper
  • Add your favorite toppings and drizzle little olive oil
  • Turn the heat to a simmer and wait
  • Stir occasionally and serve when ready

Such a simple, delicious, and healthy vegan recipe it is. This recipe is a great way to sneak into the greens. Prepare your taste buds for this vegan recipe for new moms.

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